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Managed Services

With deep experience in disruptive banking and emerging payments, we designed BaaS ecosystems that accelerate your go-to-market strategy with: enterprise stabilityenhanced value and greater protection for everyone.
Enterprise Stability


Every module is designed to promote transactional resilience while connecting multiple services to a shared platform.

Compliance Management

Regulatory Compliance Management is embedded in every BaaS solution, so  operations remain compliant in every market served, every day. 

Operational Risk Management

Covience solutions are designed to surpass stringent technology and operational risk frameworks and include continual reviews of RCSA, BIA and DR procedures.


Leverage the big-picture view of the applications in your ecosystem working together, sharing data in real time and creating one interconnected view of your customers’ transactions and needs.

Enhanced Value


Subscribing to solutions through covience, you get seamless back-end technology coupled with proficient, effective operations.  

Payment Processing

We handle the processing of all payment types with centralized operations, control and compliance management, and graduated readiness for Canadian payments modernization.

Credit Card Processing

We offer a flexible servicing model with market competitive economics. All on a scaled, single platform designed to drive a superior cardholder experience.


Our system supports retail account opening, broker/nominee setup and account maintenance with transaction processing.


We offer a range of modular loan services, including application gathering, adjudication and loan servicing based on client-set and Canadian parameters.

Greater Protection


In an increasingly digital world, covience underpins the crucial need by financial institutions for
superior analysis and security.

World-Class Fraud and Transaction Monitoring

We host smart, scalable solutions to review and flag potentially fraudulent activity for advanced due diligence, with multi-vector analysis and machine-learning-based platforms.


We use dynamic technologies to manage and preserve clients’ consents and permissions; allowing our institutional clients to conform to a host of regulatory changes, including PSD2 and Open Banking initiatives.

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