Creating Operational Resilience with BaaS Solutions 

We make banking work better.

A lot better.

Right Vision. Right Tech. Right Team.

Leading Edge

Purpose driven architecture that accelerates the innovation cycle so you can go to market faster.

Cloud Computing

Our solutions optimize cloud-based resources and create seamless client and transactional experiences.

Innovative Thinking

We design and build bank-grade
operating stacks that significantly
advance market capabilities.


Our Team

We are a team of C-suite executives with banking and payment
experience in North America.

Our obsession?


Obliterating the status quo to create faster, more effective solutions for our clients. 

David is responsible for the growth of covience and its banking-as-a-service (Baas) offering. He leads a team of incredibly talented and experienced individuals that are building full-service propositions for banking and payments in Canada. With a distinguished career in operations and technologies across banks and regulatory jurisdictions, David understands digital disruption from the driver’s seat. 

David Raju 

Scott is our master of payments and is obsessed with developing innovative payment products and services. After leading the strategy and emerging-payments business for a global payment network, Scott drove the de novo launch of an award-winning credit card platform in Canada.

Scott Lapstra

Head of Payment Strategy

Our Services

Our advisory services help to create a strategy and plan. Our managed services provide a turnkey state of the art Banking-as-a-Service stack.

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